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Christophe, fan of long-distance hikes, wanted a bike to travel around the world. He decided to turn to handcraft to best meet the requirements of such a journey. From this collaboration was born the Victoire 470, a reliable bike, which is not afraid of anything, intended to cross borders.

This bike has been designed to move in total autonomy. It was manufactured and assembled with a set of luggage, all terrain tires, fenders, a lighting set and finally luggage racks.

The frame, of course, but also the fork, the stem and the luggage racks of the bike were designed and manufactured in the Victoire workshop to offer a practical, coherent set adapted to Christophe's needs.

The frame is designed for intensive, even extreme use. It is a long distance travel bike, it will have to conquer the most demanding tracks, even when heavily loaded. For this reason, we chose a serie of tubes from mountain biking, the Zona 29er series from Columbus.

Still in this search for robustness and better shock absorption, we offered Christophe 700c wheels, very similar to those of a current Cross Country MTB. The mounting of these wheels also recalls the configuration of all-terrain wheels: 32 reinforced spokes and rims from the Mavic mountain bike range. These were assembled by hand in our workshop.

The steel stem brings reliability and comfort to the cockpit. Its geometry allows the handlebar to be raised, without having to use spacers or a too long head tube.

To minimize maintenance and guarantee a very large development range, Christophe has chosen to trust the German manufacturer Rohloff, whose internal gearshift hubs are renowned for their quality and reliability over time.

The luggage rack system has been entirely designed and manufactured by our expert in bicycle travel: Marco. Also assiduous of (very) long distance trips, he has traveled the globe as an autonomous cyclotourist. During his many journeys, Marco has had the opportunity to challenge numerous hardware configurations. He therefore put his experience at the service of Christophe to provide him with a truly functional system, adapted and which will not move on rough tracks.

The lamp, a sinewave beacon, is protected by a hoop included in the luggage rack. It is thus protected from anything that could damage it. It has been placed in the center of the luggage rack, so as to provide optimal front lighting for night journeys.

The luggage rack is equipped with a shifter, which keeps the Helmut front saddlebag securely attached.

The rear rack has a protective bar which prevents damage to the mudguard.

During a trip like Christophe's one, the mudguards are subject to a lot of stress. To prevent them from loosening or being damaged, an additional fixing point has been added.

A travel bike should have a reliable and durable braking system. We therefore chose Paul Components disc brakes, known for their stopping power. Their mechanical system has the advantage of being very reliable, but also of being easily repearable anywhere in the world.

Power for the lighting is provided by the SON front dynamo hub, which fuel the front lamp and the rear lamp. It also allows a device to be recharged via USB when Christophe is pedaling.

The Chris King headset is guaranteed for life. Renowned for its reliability, it is ideal for long journeys. Christophe has chosen to integrate stainless steel bars into his head tube. This option preserves the finish of the bike by preventing the covers from rubbing directly against the paint.

We now give the floor to Christophe, who wrote an article on his blog about his Defender (here is the ecological version - without any carbon emissions - of the famous Land Rover model !)

The discovery of my machine was a very great moment of emotion because it is the result of a sum of reflection and work of a whole team. It symbolizes for me an incredible project : going around the world. In addition, it is beautiful, exactly as I wanted it to be, discreet and efficient.

The aesthetics suit me perfectly. The color of the frame is sober, as I wanted, the bags fit perfectly into the whole and the black color (saddle, bar tape, wheels / tires) reinforces this impression of sobriety.

After some hesitation about using the ROHLOFF system, I quickly appreciated this technical choice. The bike is very easy to ride, well balanced, precise in the trajectories and very stable despite the wind. My position is perfect both at the top of the handlebar and at the bottom of it. Julien was right to widen it compared to my racing bike, the driving feels positively. The machine is very comfortable. It is true that I am used to riding on a carbon frame !

I quickly adapted my way of pedaling to the weight of the whole : more flexibility and velocity, less power. The ROHLOFF expresses all its qualities when the percentages increase and that is a good thing for me, who am not a climber. On the flat, the bike surprised me with its performance despite the width of the tires and the ROHLOFF. Once launched, it is very efficient.

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