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Workshop manager at Victoire, Olivier is the one who coordinates the production process and provides his support and experience when necessary. Eager to try different concepts and ideas, but also to make a bike intended for paths that stands between bikepacking and hiker bike for future projects, he made the Victoire 482.

Originally, Olivier had a Distance prototype, made to validate certain points which were then integrated into the range of our second brand. As a reminder, Distance offers bikes in standard sizes made in the same workshop, with the same materials and by the same people as Victoire bikes.

His desire was to develop this model into a Victoire prototype, and thus to implement new ideas and new equipment proposed by our suppliers. Transforming a Distance into a Victoire is a service that we do not propose, but it allowed here to reuse a large amount of material for testing purposes.

Olivier therefore aimed to allow this bike to carry a large amount of material. Without going as far as the carrying capacity of classic hikers, he still wanted to be able to take enough with him to be completely independent on long trips.

Originally, its Distance did not have eyelets other than those for the bottle cages. The challenge was therefore to rework the frame, but also to imagine additional solutions to allow the securing of saddlebags.

Fourteen holes were made to accommodate the luggage racks but also systems for securing saddlebags. Four were made on the rear triangle, six on the diagonal tube, three on the upper tube, one on the seat tube and finally a last on the trigger guard. For this kind of operation, the frame must be unpainted : this did not pose a problem for Olivier who also wanted to repaint the bike.

Tailefin cages were mounted on the eyelets. These allow, using Voile straps, to fix all types of objects. Olivier has placed various waterproof bags there, significantly increasing the bike's capacity to carry equipment.

The addition of saddlebags was then made easier by Ortlieb's recently released Fork-pack model. This system makes it possible to attach adapters to the suspended forks (or elsewhere !) On which the saddlebags are clipped. The installation and the removal of these is then very fast and simple.

In addition to integrating two into his fork, Olivier has reproduced the exact same end caps on his stainless steel rear luggage rack, in order to have the possibility of clipping two additional saddlebags onto it. This experiment is a success: the bags are kept in place, and can be mounted or removed without any problem. This is a solution that we will now be able to offer on Victoire projects requiring a modular load !

The luggage racks that Olivier made for his Baroudeur are both unique to Victoire. At the rear, a bag is attached to a Tailfin cage in addition to the two Ortliebs and 5 fixings are sufficient to assemble or disassemble the entire system. This incorporates a SON rear light, the cable of which passes inside the stainless steel tubes.

This configuration makes it possible to quickly modulate its load. The Tailfin cage allows you to strap a waterproof bag like the one visible in the photo, but we can also imagine placing a small tent, a jacket or even a bottle of water, according to the needs of the moment. At the front, the luggage rack is secured to the gallows that Olivier made in the workshop for this project. Two fasteners are placed on the sides of the stem, while two more are caught in the upper screws of the latter's cover (which was also made in the workshop). This small luggage rack allows you to carry two additional saddlebags: one above the platform, the other below. It also incorporates a support for the front Sinewave lamp.

This front rack allows quick access to equipment. Olivier keeps his camera close at hand in the Ronsbike Ultra Romance superior bag.

The components formerly present on Olivier's Distance 75 prototype have been reassembled on the Victoire n ° 482. It is therefore equipped with a complete SLX 12-speed group. At the front, its chainring has 30 teeth. At the rear, the cassette is a 10 - 51. The braking system is provided by two discs 180 in diameter. This provides powerful braking, an important point on this type of bike.

The Baroudeur telescopic fork is a Formula Selva C with 160mm of travel. This allows you to venture on rough roads without difficulty, thus making the Victoire n ° 482 an all-terrain adventurer. Finally, the mounted dropper post is a Pro Koryak. This affirms the off-road side of the bike, allowing you to gain confidence on descents.

The wheels of the Victoire n ° 482 were spun in the workshop by Olivier. The rims are Dually 27.5 "both supplied by Velocity, an American supplier. The spokes are Belgian and come from Sapim. These wheels, the frame and the fork allow the fitting of tires with imposing dimensions: They are Teravail coronado in 27.5 by 3.0 which provides comfort and grip to Olivier for his outings on paths.

At the front, a SON dynamo hub powers the two headlights on the bike as well as a USB port on the Sinewave lamp. At the rear, the hub is a Hope pro 4, supplier from Britain known for the durability of its products.

The painting of Victoire n ° 482, entirely carried out in our cabin in the workshop, condenses the different options now available for Victoire projects. Indeed, according to the wishes of our customers and the desired result, it is possible for us to realize simple and discreet paintings as more complex paintings including different options. Olivier's is in the second category. It is made up of 3 grays which take turns in geometric or fade gradations, as well as a gold tone used for markings.

To this are added two markings other than the one we usually place on the seat tube: one represents a Daruma doll, a symbolic Japanese figurine for Olivier that he has chosen as an emblem to sign his work, realized by our ambassador Manivelle. This one needed three different color applications made by successive masking steps. The other is the logo of One percent for the planet, a global movement to which we are a member which consists in donating 1 percent of its annual turnover to associations with a real ecological commitment.

A first layer of clear coat containing silver glitter had been applied, followed by a second one that had been hand lustered. This makes it possible to protect the entire painting in a durable way and to obtain an impeccable result.

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