News about DISTANCE

News about DISTANCE

2019 just started and it’s time to give some news about Distance. 2018 has been dedicated to this project and it is now topical and the first Distance bikes will be marketed over the year.
We clearly underestimated all the work that it represents but we didn’t want to botch it and end up with a range that wasn’t what you expected.
We focused our energy developing rather than communicating, and we spent our spare time making the prototype and organise the new production line within our workshop in Beaumont.
Distance DNA draws its expertise from Victoire. The knowledge built up over years of postural studies, custom-made frame building and bike mounting has enabled us to identify the most effective solutions to enhance the pleasure of use.

A Victoire is 100% unique, designed entirely for your anatomy, your practice and your aesthetic tastes. A Distance will be the most effective and suitable solution for as many people as possible for each practice.

A Distance focuses on the most important in terms of building and finishes to assure you an optimal driving pleasure, within a shorter time than Victoire, but still all cutom-made.


In 2018, we built six prototypes that are currently travelling the world for an intense test campaign.

Our first Distance 75 was tested on the tough tracks of Jordanie and now rides daily on the peaks of the biggest volcanic site of Europe, in Cantal.

One of our Distance 35 rides everyday on the white roads of North Carolina in the USA when the other one went over the french roads meeting the Magazine 200 readers for their famous Love Tour back in July. Our 35 for the gravel, as well as our 25 for the road, were both tested in the summer issue which you can purchase here, or read our news about it by clicking here.

The Distance 60 was tested all summer on the french tracks, before going for longer test with the most trusted french press : Vélo Vert.

All the tests results are laudatory and express the quality of our first prototypes. They will be published on Distance website shortly so you can read them if you missed the publication. Motivated by these excellent feedbacks, we decided to continue with the tests to push them as far as we can, successfully. This test campaign was an excellent base to achieve the final range which you will discover in the next few days. Distance models will be an overview of Victoire expertise, focused on the riding enjoyment and without any compromises on the manufacturing quality.


Distance launching will not be done at the expense of Victoire production, heart of our top-level expertise. We used 2018 to test out different types of organisation, and it was clear that we had to create another production line, independent of Victoire workshop in terms of tooling and installation. In order to do this, we had to solve different matters :


The lack of space : Our current facilities in Beaumont turned out to be too small for a new frame production line. Luckily, the premises we currently occupy have a second floor of 140m2 and turned out to be available in late november. So we seize the opportunity to move our offices, postural study and showroom in this space to free up 80m2 in our current premises to integrate a production line for Distance. Equipment investments are ongoing and the line will be running in march.


The new brand launching generate a recruitment in order to produce Distance frames without impacting on Victoire production. This hiring and production will start in april after a training period.


TIG welding was invented in 2018 and used on the prototypes but will eventually not be used.

All Distance bikes will be brazed, with polished weald beads. This process makes Victoire’s strenght and reputation with a complete in-house mastery : the company currently has four people qualified for brazing.

Using the same technic for both brands will offer more versatility while saving on investment costs. Tubes used for Distance bikes will come from Columbus. Already the main supplier for Victoire, this was the natural choice to use this preferred partner. All Distance bikes will use the highest steel grades available for their practice.

Each Distance model will be available in two or three complete mounting, and six different colours. Plus, each model will be available in a frame kit - fork - head tube, in a unique exclusive colour for this set up. 


Distance website is now in maintenance but this week you will find online the different set ups and prices for every Distance bikes.

We will keep you abreast with progress in the next few weeks through Distance website and social media.

Julien Leyreloup, Gérant.


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