The Range

Your bike has to reflect your very own personality. Whether you have many years of practice behind you, or you are a beginner seeking the joy of riding an unusual bike, above all your Victoire bicycle will be a very personal object. It will also come as a result of a lot of thinking and communication, and it will reflect your desires, your tastes and your riding habits. That’s why every bike that comes out of the Victoire workshop is unique.

We have defined several bikes for different kind of use. These categories are here to guide you and will help engage in dialogue to define which bike suits you the best, YOUR bike.

Every single bike that we make is custom-made. The specifications are carefully developped, based on your morphology, so every ride becomes a pleasure. If you can come and meet us in our workshop, you will discover the genesis of your bike. We will be happy to show you the many different options available and we will also take your measurements. 

Victoire Véloce
Victoire Bellevue
Victoire Versus
Victoire Aventure
Victoire Voyage
Victoire MTB
Victoire Vitesse
Victoire Vitesse vélo triathlon CLM en acier sur-mesure
Victoire Virage
Victoire De Ville
Victoire Tandem

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