Specifications of Victoire bespoke bicycles

Specifications of Victoire bespoke bicycles

Our bespoke frames are made of steel or stainless steel tubing from the best manufacturers in the world. We lace in-house the wheels to match the frame handling. At last, we work closely with brands known for the quality of their products, that have chosen, like us, to produce on their home soil.

Made in France

All our custom bikes are handmade in France, in our workshop next to Clermont-Ferrand, Massif Central. It enables us to control with precision each step of the manufacturing, to offer you a high quality product, which fits perfectly your needs. 


Every bike from Victoire's workshop is a unique product, tailor-made according to the measurements, the needs and the desires of his future owner. For each of our creation, we design a unique geometry to fit perfectly your morphology. We also select with care the tubing, according to your weight and the handling you want.

We have all the tools to do a precise fitting, both in static and in dynamic.

The fillet-brazing

At Victoire, we use a welding process called fillet-brazing. It is, for us, the most suited feature for the realization of a bespoke frame. This welding method is described as heterogeneous since the filler metal is not the same as the tubes metal. It offers many advantages.


Our bespoke frames are exclusively made from steel and stainless steel. For each project, we select with care the nine tubes that will shape the frame, according to the geometry we designed and the handling our client want. The diameter, the shape and the thickness are different factors we have to adjust to meet our client’s needs. Tubing comes from Columbus, Reynolds and Tange.

The steel

The steel is ideal to make bespoke bicycle frames, that's why at Victoire Cycles we have chosen to work exclusively with this material. Even if it was put aside due to the strong marketing in favor of other materials like carbon, the steel has many advantages, like the one to meet your wants and needs as closely as possible.

The stainless steel

We are also making frame in the most prestigious configuration of steel: the stainless steel. Coming from Reynolds 953 or Columbus XCr range, stainless steel offers the best mechanical features available on the market. 


Victoire frames are made with two headtubes standards : the classic1"1/8e headset and the more modern 44mm. The latter enable to fit both 1"1/8e, and 1.5 and 1"1/4 tapered fork. Headtubes come from Columbus and Reynolds, and are systematically reinforced with stainless steel rings machined according to our requests.

In option, stainless steel braze-on can be add on the headtube to protect the paint from the cables  fricition.

Bottom bracket

We offer three bottom bracket standards on our bespoke bicycles : BSC, PF30 and T47.


Dropouts are a very important area of the frame, for both technical and aesthetic reasons. They enable to fit the wheels, the derailleur and also the disc brake caliper. Dropouts can also be adjustable for a singlespeed or belt-drive drivetrain. Most of the dropouts we use come from the US manufacturer Paragon. It gets a wide range of references to answer to any need. We can also work with an other manufacturer on special request.

Seat tube

Victoire frames use most of the time seat tubes for a 27.2mm seatpost. When the customer is above 1.90m and/or 90kg, or for a dropper post, we use a seat tube for a  31.6mm seatpost. Frames for gravel, MTB or travelling are made with butted seat tube to increase the reliability. Road frames are made with butted seat tube but with a consistent external diameter to save weight. 

In option, we can use an integrated carbon seat post.

Cables routing

In their standard version, Victoire frames are equipped with external cable routing. Every   cable stop are in stainless steel to avoid the rust. We pay a great attention to the cable routing in order to get a smooth derailleurs and brakes functionning. The cable below the bottom bracket are guided by a stainless steel tube, open and polished to avoid water retention.


In option, the cable routing can be internal, including hydraulic brakes. They are made with care for a perfect style and functionning. Stainless steel tubes are brazed inside the frame as a guide. Like this, it is very easy to change your cable.

Braze-on and eyelets

On every frames - both steel and stainless steel - we use stainless steel eyelets and braze-on (water bottle bosses, rack, fenders…) to avoid any rust problem. The water bottle bosses are machined according to our requests by one of our subcontractor, 30km from our workshop. 

The handcrafted wheels

The wheels are essentials in the bike handling. That’s why we pay as much attention on it as on your frame, by handcrafting your future wheels. With a custom wheelset, we can adapt all the components, rims, hubs and spokes, to your riding and your morphology. Handcrafted wheels are also much more reliable, thanks to a consistent spokes tension, much more superior than the standard wheels build on machine.

The parts

We endeavor to make consistent build for each of our Victoire bespoke bike, by selecting with care quality parts, in agreement with the philosophy of each project. That's why we work as much as we can with recognized brand, who, like us, produce on their territory. 


The German brand is recognized not only for the quality of its components, but also for their lightness. Made in the heart of the Black Forest, in Germany, the range is wide: wheels, seatpost, stem, crankset... so you will find a large amount of great parts to match your Victoire bike. 


The British brand has not stop to grow since its creation, more than 20 years ago. First only oriented on disc brakes, the range go wider to offer a large amount of components, like the last one, the beautiful MTB crankset. Hope is a specialist in CNC machining, with impressive high-performance machine-tools in their manufacture.  All the parts are made in Barnoldswich, England, next to the Yorkshire: designing, manufacturing, finishing, building and shipping. 

Chris King

We do not have to prove anymore the quality of Chris King products. Known for a longtime, the American brand is located next to Portland, Oregon. They offer headset, bottom bracket and hubs of high-quality. That's why most of our bikes are built with Chris King headset, that have a 10 years warranty. 

Gilles Berthoud

Gilles Berthoud is among the best French frame-builders of the last twenty years. He put aside the frame-building some years ago to focus on accessories for touring and randonneurs. Luggage, saddles, fenders... these exceptional products are made with care in Pont de Vaux, France, from high-quality materials. 

We have chosen to highlight these brands for the quality of their products, but also for their production approach, that matches Victoire's philosophy. However, in no case this is a restriction. We are used to work with all the brands of the market, to offer you the bike that matches the best your needs and preferences. 

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