Why choose a steel frame?

Why choose a steel frame?

The steel is ideal to make bespoke bicycle frames, that's why at Victoire Cycles we have chosen to work exclusively with this material. Even if it was put aside due to the strong marketing in favor of other materials like carbon, the steel has many advantages, like the one to meet your wants and needs as closely as possible.

A material that meet your needs

Indeed, the steel is easily adjustable. We have a wide choice of tubing among the ranges from Columbus, Reynolds and Tange, with hundred of references. They are the results of several years of development and they are adapted to the requirements of the modern bicycles. For example, the thickness and the shape of the tubing is not constant, according to the different stresses areas.

This enables us to make the most adapted bike to your riding and your morphology, while having the best balance between comfort and performances. The final aim is to provide you with the bike which will offer you the maximum of pleasure when you will ride it.

A comfortable and efficient material

The inherent quality of steel provide ideal performance for cycling. Due to its good ability to absorb impact and vibrations, it brings comfort, so less fatigue. Steel provides an excellent reactivity, to transfer all your pedaling energy.

One other advantage of steel is its great durability through time, keeping both its mechanical specifications and performance intact.

A wide range of configuration available

At last, the possibilities of configuration for a steel frame are wide, and enable to adapt the best the frame to the user. You can choose among the different bottom brackets, headtubes or dropouts, to adapt the frame to the future parts, like a Cannondale Lefty fork for example, but also to make it evolutive through the time. For example, thanks to Paragon Sliding dropouts, you can adjust the chainstays lenght but also change a singlespeed configuration for a derailleur drivetrain thanks to the different alloy inserts available. This large choice of configurations enables us to make unique bicycles, like our customers.


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