Victoire randonneur bikes on the road

Victoire randonneur bikes on the road

Each member of the Victoire crew comes from different cycling universe, like BMX, MTB, triathlon or also bike-polo. This is shown in our creations and we enjoy to build bikes for every discipline, from sportive road bicycles to elegant urban bikes, including tandem or travelling bikes. 

After we have shared with you the adventures on and off he roads of the owner of Versus, our gravel model, we give way today to the randonneurs. Patrice has already ridden 5000K with his Bellevue in less than four months. Matthieu is part of the team and he enjoyed our summer break to ride the Victoire Machine through Massif Central.


Patrice and his Bellevue

Patrice received his Victoire Bellevue in May and he has already ridden 5000K with it. The bike is designed for long distance rides, both by its handling, its geometry and its components : SON dynamo hub and Edelux II lights, fenders and rack eyelets. 

" I feel well the difference of comfort compared to my former Look bike, it is smooth ! On flat roads, it is easy to keep a good rythm during several hours. On hilly terrains, you go at a regular pace. Of course it is not a pure climber but the additional weight compared to my Look is make up for the gain in comfort. " 

Patrice has replaced his road pedals by SPD ones, that are much better to walk when he stops to visit some places. He also mounted Paul Components Cantilever brakes and changed the original Ritchey Classic handlebar for a Soma with a more modern shape. We are also working on a custom front rack, whereas the rear one will be one of the market.   

Patrice makes this year a "Dodécaudax", that means he rides at least a 200K per month. In August, he took advantage of a visit to a relative to do a bit more with a 620K ride in two days. You can find here some shots of his trip.

A buffalo farm at sunrise

Patrice's Victoire Bellevue in villages he passed through. 

To follow Patrice and his rides, you can check his blog :

He is also fond of photography, especially the ambrotypes process as you can see in this article. Have a look at his website :

In 2017, Patrice would like to achieve a Diagonale and do more long distance rides on two or three days.



Matthieu and the randonneuse of the Concours de Machine

At Victoire, we also took advantage of the summer break to ride. After he rode our light randonneuse during the three days of the Concours de Machines, Matthieu took it through Massif Central, from Clermont-Ferrand to Montpellier, in August : 

" Massif Central is a perfect region to ride a bike : great sceneries and lots of unexplored roads. It is very easy to ride for several hours without any cars. The idea was to reach Montpellier, next to the Mediterranean Sea, from Clermont-Ferrand, the gateway of the massif. After the Concours de Machines, I had the perfect bike for this kind of trip, so I had no excuses.

Sunrise on the Chaine des Puys, an hour after an early start from Clermont.  

View on the cockpit of the randonneuse. The position is perfect and the randonneur bag is very handy : it is easy to access to your stuff while you are riding. 

Lavoûte-Chilhac, about 90K at the south of Clermont, in the Gorges de l'Allier. I went just with some stuffs in the Swift Industries randonneur bag, in the light randonneur spirit. The small frame bag is perfect to keep my camera close to hand when I am riding.

" The plateau de la Margeride is wild and arid. "

The first day ended after 216K, at the gateway of the Cévennes, not far from Florac. After a good night in a lovely auberge, I started the second day by a gravel climb to avoid the traffic of the A road. The offroad capabilities of the randonneuse are very appreciable and push to lose yourself in the wildest tracks.

"Le Causse" just before going down to Florac is wonderful, like the following dowhill ; it is hard to keep the eyes on the roads.  

The climb to Mont Aigoual from Florac through the Gorges du Tapoul. 

At the top of Mont Aigoual, I met unexpectedly Paulin, intern in engineering at Victoire, who went from the Puy en Velay the day before.   

Fourty kilometers of downhill lead from the Mont Aigoual  to the Hérault valley.

Once I reached Le Vigan, at the foot of Mont Aigoual, I had to take a busy road to Montpellier during 60K. It was the opportunity to highlight the pedaling quality of the randonneuse. Depsite the load (about 7kg) and the 35 mm tyres, the bike is great. I rode in a TT position at a good pace, between 30 and 35 kph. The part of the trip I feared the most became a great enjoyment !  

Place de la Comédie, Montpellier. I met Romain, Victoire's builder, to ride to the sea

From the wild places of Massif Central to the seaside resorts of the Mediterranean.

The trip ended on the seaside, after about 400K and 5000m of elevation. This randonneur bike has three major qualities : versatility, rolling/pedaling and comfort. The bike feels easy both on flat and hilly terrains. You can ride easily at a good pace during several hours. In the downhill, it is very smooth. At last, I did not get any pain during these two days. 


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