Victoire customers' weekend : recce ride

Victoire customers' weekend : recce ride

Last saturday, we went early in the morning for a recce ride on the route where we will bring our customers on the 8th of April. We share with you some photos taken during the day. 

The city was foggy, but we knew the sun was there upper in the mountains.

Even if it was sunny in the Chaine des Puys, some parts were totally frozen and it was important to get the right apparel.

On the 8th of April, will follow the Sioule, a river that takes its source at the Lac Servières, where we will spend the night, and go North to flow in the Allier. We follow the river in wild and quiet valleys, on roads perfect for cycling.

We cross a few villages, it will important to get some food on the D-Day.

Just after Les Ancizes, we pass by the Viaduc des Fades. Inaugurated in 1909 after 8 years of work, it was the highest bridge in the world !

After about 80km, we arrive in Chateauneuf les Bains, where starts the Gorges de la Sioule. It is the right moment to refuel the bodies. 

Just before Pont de Menat, the medieval castle of Blot le Rocher.

Pont de Menat, on the mid-way of Gorges de la Sioule.

The road overhangs the Sioule...

... and cross sometimes the rocks.

Our light randonneuse of the Concours de Machines is in its element on these unexplored roads. You also want to discover this route on this bike ? Show us your motivation ! 


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