Tour du Vaucluse Historique 2016

Tour du Vaucluse Historique 2016

Demanding routes in stunning scenery, where sharing and friendliness are the keywords, this is how we can present the events organized by Luc Royer, the man behind Chilkoot. After we made our first 200K in April for the first edition of Confluences (read the story on our website) we decided to end this great 2016 season at the Tour du Vaucluse Historique, in Provence.

After a night spent on the tiles of the cloakroom of the local rugby team - because of a fake Airbnb -  we met the 60’s participants in the early morning at Joseph Lombard Velodrome in Cavaillon. Despite the clear skies, there is a biting cold and it is hard to wake our bodies up. Fortunately, Luc is here to take care of us with some coffee and croissants. We used the breakfast time to say hello to the familiar faces we met on the different events of the year : Confluences, Concours de Machines, Prestige Massif Central… The long bike day that waiting for us will enables us to make new nice meetings. It is part of Chilkoot’s spirit and it is one of the reasons why we come.

We observe the beautiful bespoke steel bikes at the starts, about 20% of the participants ! Among the ones made by our fellow French builders, there are three from the Victoire workshop : Patrice and his Bellevue randonneuse are here for their second 200K of the month. Thierry Saint-Léger, Chilkoot’s ambassador, is also here with his Victoire Virage. Both ride a lot of kilometers per year : Patrice has done 10 000 km since March and Thierry achieved his aim of 100 000 km in five years with a fixed gear last October. They met each other on the last Paris-Brest-Paris and they compare the patina of the leather of their Gilles Berthoud Galibier saddle before the start. We complete the trio with our winning light randonneuse of the Concours de Machines, the perfect tool for this kind of adventure. 

After a lap on the velodrome, the peloton left Cavaillon around 8:00am : 234km and 3300m of elevation wait for us. We'll have to validate eight checkpoints in the different villages we will cross, in the spirit of brevets. It will be a long day and for sure the Supernova lights will be appreciated when the night will fall.

Instead of a long story, you can relive this great bike days through the photos we took. A big thank to Luc for the organization and to all the people we met on the roads of Provence on this Saturday 12th of November. Rendez-vous in 2017 on Chilkoot events !

Sunrise on the Joseph Lombard Velodrome

The three Victoire at the start. From left to right : Matthieu on the randonneuse of the Concours de Machines, Patrice and his Bellevue, and Thierry with his Virage fixed gear.

Patrice and his Bellevue

Thierry and his Virage

The cold is biting but the autumn scenery in Provence is stunning. It is extremely pleasant to ride off-season, there is almost no car.

CP4, Simiane la Rotonde, it is time to take some energy !

The Ventoux, empty roads and...the wind

The road to Gorges de la Nesque, the consecration of the day.

Patrice on the road of Gorges de la Nesque.

At the top, the view is breathtaking. About twenty kilometers of downhill on a deserted road, in front of the Ventoux, wait for us.

Gorges de la Nesque

Postcard view for Patrice and his Bellevue.

Victoire meeting at CP5 of Villes sur Auzon

Thierry is flying on his Victoire Virage.

Luc selected with care the roads less travelled of the region.

Col de Murs, the last difficulty of the day. The night is falling, it is time to switch-on the Supernova Airstream lights. The downhill after is a total enjoyment !

Alain Puiseux, editor of the French magazine 200 - le vélo de route autrement, achieved, like a handful of other riders, the 235km on a fixed gear. Chapeau !

It is 6:50pm when Luc put the last stamp on our brevet card. A great day on the bike. 

The route : 

Find the Chilkoot 2017 schedule online :

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