The stainless steel Victoire Veloce tested by Matos Vélo

The stainless steel Victoire Veloce tested by Matos Vélo

When Rapha asked us to make a bike for the Pop-Up Store opened in Paris last November, we wanted to create a very high-end model, a kind of flag of our Veloce road bike range. We assembled this frame from the most prestigious tubing, the stainless steel Reynolds 953. The components are also very exclusive, with a Campagnolo Super Record groupset, combined with a THM Clavicula crank and Tune components.

Like every bikes  we build, it was not aim to stay in a window display and it was tested by different people in the last months. After a test published in the French magazine L'Acheteur Cycliste in February, the stainless steel Victoire Veloce came back in Auvergne. We took advantage of the occasion to ride it for a while before some racers of the local elite team, Pro Immo, ride it for a while.

It was then Guillaume Robert from the French website Matos Vélo, who bring it to his home with a tubular Campagnolo Bora 35 wheelset. This is his conclusion on this bike:

" No doubt, this stainless steel Veloce is a success and is as good as the best carbon bikes of the market. A very stiff bike who can be ride by the most powerful cyclist like the Elite racers. This bike proves that the steel has a bright future"

You can discover the complete test (in French) on the Matos Vélo website:

Like we said, this bike is very exclusive, by its equipment, its handling and its price. The aim was to show that a steel bike could compete with the best carbon bikes. You can find the complete specifications of this stainless steel Veloce on our website.  

If you desire a less exclusive bike, do not hesitate to contact us.  Each of our bicycle is tailor-made and we adapt the handling, and the equipment according to your riding, your needs, and obviously, your budget. A complete road bike with a Sram Rival or the new Apex1 with hydraulic brakes groupset starts at 3500€. 


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