Confluences 2016: the story of the Western District

Confluences 2016: the story of the Western District

Matthieu rode the first edition of Confluences, on the 30th of April, an event organized by Luc Royer from Chilkoot. You can read below the story of the Western District, gone at dawn from Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon.

Confluences was imaginated by Luc Royer, from Chilkoot. The idea was pretty simple, join Confluences museum, in Lyon, by its four compass points, after a 200 km ride. So four differents districts were created: North, South, East and West, respectively at the start from Dijon, Orange, Genève and Clermont – Ferrand. The only demand was that each of the rider carry a local beer to share it at the finish with someone from another district. The event was originally thought for fixed gear, but standard road bike were welcome too.

We were 6 at the meeting at 6:00am, in front of the Vercingétorix statue at Jaude, the main square of Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France, for this first edition of Confluences. There were Louis and his father Gilles, as well as Luc, who already rode a first 200 km the day before from Sancerre to Clermont. There were also Jean-Marc and Alain, both on fixed gear. I completed the team with my Versus. There were initially more people interested, but maybe the weather forecast scared off some of them…

However we start with a beautiful sunset on the Chaîne des Puys while we were riding to the East. But quickly, after we took a coffee before the beginning of the hilly roads, the rain appeared. First of all slowly, and then stronger and stronger.

Fortunately, while we were riding down to the plains, the temperature rose progressively and the rain abated. After a last stop, even the sun came to us. We continue our way up the hills before going down to Lyon. After a quiet road we found a heavy traffic. Our goal is not far. At the end of an avenue, we can make out the building of the museum. We have reach it! 

We can share the beers we have carried until there with the other riders. We started at 6 people, we finished at people. We are happy to have done it! It was a long and hard day, but this adventure will last in our mind for a while. I will not forget my first 200.

A big thanks to Luc for the organization of this first edition of Confluences, for sure we will be there next year! 



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